FNU CLONE Inc: Binary or Die 12" (new)

Total Punk


“Binary or Die” is Total Punk's first foray into the world of 33 1/3, and this isn't something we take lightly. We initially intended to keep all of our releases at 45 RPM but when presented with a record this well conceived and executed rules go out the window. Former FNU Ronnie and FNU CLONE mastermind, Jim V spent the better part of a year slowly building and filling out this record's sound. 15 tracks of manipulated, chopped, and screwed dystopian space punk. All alien soundtracks and DMT nightmares. Ripping riffs, hard driving bass lines, modulated vocals, and layers upon layers of synth texture and sinister sounds. A masterpiece of twisted psychedelic hate made to rot your mind and kill your speakers!! 100% TOTAL PUNK!

Our take: I think that one of the reasons I was drawn to hardcore in the first place is because I have an attention span perfectly suited to the length of a 7-inch record. When I put something on, it's like I'm eager to hurry up and digest the whole thing... I want to see the whole picture, the whole shape right away, and if an artist holds something back or takes time to reveal something I get bored, antsy, and ultimately frustrated. It's only struck me recently that this isn't the only way to listen to music. I've been exploring a lot of longer-form music lately, and I'm finding the listening process more like watching a film... you have to surrender yourself to the author and agree to be led on the journey they want to take you on. Growing acquainted with this style of listening has provided the perfect training for this new LP by FNU CLONE. While the music has the jagged textures and the density of punk and hardcore, in every other way it's a very different kind of listening experience. It's kind of strange to me that there is even a track listing on this record, because when I listen to this record it doesn't feel like I'm listening to a succession of songs... it feels like I'm being taken on a journey, and while some of the little bits of that journey might be classified as vignette-length and song-like, the point isn't to listen to each one of those, but rather to experience the thing as a whole. In other words, Binary or Die seems to have just as much in common with a symphony of electro-acoustic music that comes from the world of avant-garde classical music as it does with a conventional album of punk songs. And speaking of electro-acoustic music, like that stuff FNU CLONE have clearly put a lot of work into building a palette of truly unfamiliar and exciting sounds on this album. I mean, it sounds like it's mostly vocals, synthesizers, and conventional rock band instruments, but they're played and recorded in a way that makes them feel unfamiliar and new. I like a lot of the music released on the Total Punk label, but this is something totally new and different for them. I'm sure some people will hate it, but to me it's one of the most original and exciting things I've heard in ages, even if it's kind of ugly and hard to listen to in places. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s garage punk raw recommended synth-punk