Flowers in the Dustbin: KO 12"

Freaks Run Wild Records


Archival release from this 80s UK punk band who were around the whole anarcho scene of the time, releasing stuff on Mortarhate and All the Madmen, but this is an LP that was recorded in '86 but never released at the time. Definitely on the more melodic end of the anarcho spectrum, this really seems to have more in common with post-punk stuff like the Sound or Joy Division rather than, say, Anthrax or the Subhumans, but it's also not too far away from the Mob or Zounds either. Regardless, this is a very cool releases for the anarcho punk completist, including a cool screen printed jacket and a full lyric booklet / zine. Limited to 500 numbered copies.

Tags: 80s anarcho melodic post-punk reissues uk