Flesh Wounds: In the Mouth cassette

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Brand new 6-song tape release from this Carrboro band who can lay a respectable claim on being the best current band in North Carolina. It's funny, around here they're pegged as a garage band and end up playing with bands of the Total Punk / HoZac / etc. persuasion, but much of this new EP is total hardcore... the first song, "Attack," is a stone-cold RIPPER, reminding me of nasty early 80s punk bands like Sick Pleasure or maybe even Gang Green. It's funny, one thing I've learned from playing music myself is that if you want to sound like really authentic early 80s punk you should basically play sped-up punk rock, not deliberately set out to be a "hardcore" band. Flesh Wounds are a perfect example of that... a punk/garage band that has just naturally gotten faster, leaner, and meaner to the point where you kind of have to call them hardcore. A total ripper and well worth hearing even if you don't give a fuck about North Carolina punk... and even if you don't want to listen to the whole thing, do yourself a favor and look up the song "Attack..." it's one of the best punk songs I've heard in ages.
Tags: 10s garage north carolina punk recommended