Flesh Eaters: No Questions Asked 12"

Spittle Records

$14.00 $21.00

So stoked to see a reissue of this record! The Flesh Eaters were a key player in the late 70s / early 80s LA punk scene, though they seem to get short shrift nowadays, at least from people who are normally all over that scene. Perhaps it's because their early stuff didn't come out on any of the key labels, or maybe it's because the band eventually morphed into a rootsier, more Gun Club-ish type thing (eventually resulting in the classic No Wishes, No Prayers LP, but that's a whole different beast)... I'm not sure, but I've been interested in the band ever since hearing their track on the American Youth Report comp LP, and their first 7" and this LP are personal favorites. Basically, if you're into early LA, Dangerhouse-style punk (particularly the Eyes, Dils, and Alley Cats), you really need to hear this record. Spittle Records

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