Firing Squad: S/T Cassette

Agitate Records


Demo tape from this new band out of Richmond, VA and man is it a scorcher! Firing Squad have only played a few shows so far (in fact I booked one of their first gigs with Oblivionation in Raleigh), but they clearly knew exactly what they wanted to do and executed that plan pretty much flawlessly from the start. Featuring a slew of familiar faces from the Raleigh, Richmond, and DC scenes, Firing Squad seems like the no-bullshit project where they throw out any ideas of being adventurous and incorporating any other influences and just play gnarly, perfectly straightforward hardcore. It sounds like SSD, YDI and NYHC bands like Breakdown had a baby, and while a lot of bands that take this sort of tough approach invariably end up sounding a bit cheesy that is not the case here. The recording is also absolutely perfect for the style... heavy and clear without being polished, and thankfully Agitate sprang for professional tape duplication so the actual cassette sounds as good, if not better, than what you checked out on the BandCamp. If you picked up that Death Wish reissue and want to hear a contemporary band playing that style in a way that's just as powerful I would strongly recommend checking this out.

Tags: 10s hardcore richmond