Final: demo cassette

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US press of the demo from this Bogota, Colombia hardcore band with members of Secta, out in time for their tours of the US east and west coast ending at Latino Punk Fest in NYC. This is brutal hardcore punk with vocals spit out at breakneck speed not unlike Rudimentary Peni. 150 pressed.

Our take: Excellent demo from this band out of Bogota, Colombia that features members of the also-excellent Secta. Final manage to bring together a few different threads of hardcore while still sounding pretty unified and straightforward... Rudimentary Peni seems like an obvious influence (particularly in the vocals, which almost seem like they're imitating Nick Blinko at points), but there's also something of the slightly trippy end of hardcore that I associate with a bunch of isolated bands who seemed, consciously or not, to inject psychedelic influences into hardcore... bands like Zouo, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, and United Mutation. There are also songs that are a little more "angular" and herky-jerky sounding, some melodic punk a la the Effigies or Funeral Oration, and one track, "Virus," sounds like oi! music filtered through those psychedelic hardcore influences I mentioned above. That probably sounds like a real mess when I describe it that way, but what it really means is that Final are a band you can't really pin down, and that is totally awesome in my book. I'd say that if you dig the aforementioned bands or some of the more interesting punk coming out of Mexico lately (say, Tercer Mundo, for instance) it's a safe bet you'll really like this too.
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