Final Conflict: Nineteen Eighty Five Demo 12"

540 Records

$13.50 $15.00

An entire LP worth of pre-Ashes to Ashes demos from the almighty Final Conflict! You'll recognize a lot of these songs from Ashes to Ashes, but it also contains a few songs that weren't re-recorded for that album. Definitely much rougher and rawer than that LP would turn out to be, Nineteen Eighty Five definitely brings out the Discharge influence in FC's sound a lot more than their more polished recordings would. Pushead's original review of this demo mentioned the almighty "Iconoclast," and honestly that's the first band I thought of (particularly their raging contribution to Flipside Video Fanzine) when I first put this record on... absolutely killer! Gorgeous packaging, too, including a gatefold jacket. 540 Records

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