Filthy Gaze of Europe: Domestic Accidents 7"

Ugly Pop Records

$1.00 $6.00

Ugly Pop hits the pause button on their reissue series long enough to give us this debut single by a new project featuring a bunch of Canadian punk/HC superstars. Simon Ugly Pop bills this as "assaultive electronic thrash," and that fits the bill pretty nicely I think. This definitely sounds like hardcore music, but with nary a guitar or live drum track to be heard... but the songs are short, snappy, and aggressive, but definitely weird. It kind of reminds me of Mark McCoy's Virgin Mega Whore side project, though the b-side also has a bit of a 1st-Misfits-single vibe as well. Weird, but interesting and definitely essential for F***ed Up / Cursed completists as Damian and Colohan both contribute vocals here. Ugly Pop Records

Tags: 10s bf16 Canada post-punk