Fatigue: S/T 7"

Warthog Speak Records


Following one of the best demos in some time, the debut 7" EP from California's FATIGUE is a rough-around-the-edges, slow motion, boot to the sternum via four bruised-and-scarred hymns of life and struggle in the big city, that owes as as much to northern US hardcore of the nineteen-eighties, UK oi! at it's grimiest, and regular old punk rock at it's least tender. A sound that makes perfect sense when considering that FATIGUE is made up of current and former members of SYDNEY DUCKS, SCALPED, BRICK ASSASSIN, and YOUNG OFFENDERS.

Our take: After a bangin' demo a few months ago here's the debut vinyl from Fatigue. Like most of what's released on Warthog Speak, this is absolutely top-shelf hardcore punk... indeed, I can see why Warthog Speak was attracted to this band because the style is right in their wheelhouse, i.e. heavy and driving punk with a little bit of both crust and late 80s NYHC in its makeup. What really makes Fatigue special, though, is the in-the-pocket, fist-pumping pace they play at. I guess they just have a great drummer, because this is one of those records where the rhythm just grabs you and won't let go. I'm sure I could reach for some cool band comparisons here to make sure that you buy this, but I'll just say that whatever it is that separates an absolutely scorching hardcore punk band from a medicore one, Fatigue have it. Essential listening!
Tags: 10s hardcore recommended ushc