Fatigue: Dog Bodies cassette



Demo tape from this new Bay Area band featuring a slew of familiar faces. Even though they're from the west coast, Fatigue remind me of the recent wave of hardcore aficionados who seem to be rediscovering their Punk 101 CDs from high school... I'm thinking specifically of the Partisans-esque stylings of Savageheads and their related band Contingent. Like those bands, Fatigue sound like UK82 / oi! punk filtered through a retro 80s hardcore filter... the songs are carried by strong bass lines and basic 1-2 beats, but the beefy analog production and tough vibe separate them from the whole "retro oi!" scene. A blistering little demo that's limited to only 100 copies, so if you still get some mileage out of your Partisans, 4 Skins, Insane, Chaotic Dischord, etc. records you'd be well-served to check this out.

Tags: 10s hardcore oi! punk recommended uk82