Fashionism: Quit Looking at the Time 7"

Zaxxon Records


Second 7" release from this Vancouver Power Pop Rock n' Roll combo. Again back with two new super catchy songs that stick to your brain right after a few seconds of spinning. It's powerpop at its best, if you're into that, don't read this no more and get the record asap. Only 300 made. (ex / present members of band such as New Town Animals and Tranzmitors . . . for those who need confirmations ... )

Our take: Debut single from this Canadian band featuring former members of Tranzmitors. If you followed Tranzmitors' excellent releases on Deranged Records several years ago you'll immediately recognize the sound and style as Fashionism are up to pretty much the same thing, i.e. late 70s-inspired power pop with a modern punk edge. It's a bit saccharine for some people, I'm sure, but Fashionism are pretty explosive-sounding with their big, Buzzcocks-inspired guitars and irresistible vocal melodies. If you're into the rootsy end of 70s punk like Stiff Little Fingers, Newtown Neurotics, etc., you'll be well-served by checking this band out.
Tags: 10s canada garage melodic power-pop yoobl