Fang: Landshark 12"

Boner Records


Man, repressing this seems like a total no-brainer and I'm surprised it took this long to happen, particularly since originals have been commanding quite a sum of money for a few years ago now. It's funny, I remember people talking on some message board about how Landshark is one of those records that, if you can find a used copy, is always in "partied-on" condition. In other words, copies of this are always beat to hell because people actually listened to it... and, indeed, it's definitely one of those records you can throw on at a party and everyone will be pumping their fist and singing along. Like, say, the first Circle Jerks or Bad Brains records, this is one of those records that seems to exist out of time, as if it were delivered magically from some other planet that we can never access again. If you like your punk loud, menacing, and dumb it just doesn't get any better than this.

Tags: 80s gb325 hardcore noise rock punk reissues