Family Outing: demo cassette



The latest dash of hardcore punk from the prolific group of Londoners that has also brought us Good Throb, Stab, Hunger, etc. This is a really great demo that has all of the passion and "now"-ness of the Good Throb stuff, but is working within a more aggressive hardcore/punk template. The angry girl vox remind me a whole lot of the In School demo, and despite the straightforward template the music is actually quite interesting, with some really cool melodic lead guitar that recalls Nog Watt, and maybe even reminds me of the Crazy Spirit demo tape just a hair. This also has perfect 4-track production just like that great Toxic State stuff, so if that's what punk means to you I'd highly recommend checking this out. The packaging is also killer, with the cassette j-cards cut out of postcards to UK tourist traps. Absolutely top-notch.

Tags: 10s female-fronted UK USHC