Family Curse: White Murder: Split 7"

Doormat Records

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Family Curse released one of my favorite 7"s in recent memory, banging out some great post-punk that sounded like Brix-era FALL. Their song on this split is a little more upbeat and punk... it actually reminds me quite a LOT of Skull Kontrol / Monorchid (perhaps due to the Fall influence?), and aside from the frantic tempo fits perfectly with the two songs on their earlier single. As for White Murder, they have a similar thing going on... upbeat, slightly quirky post-punk that's energetic and propulsive. In fact, a Brix-era Fall comparison wouldn't be out of place for them either, though they also sound quite a lot like the Bags in places. Not totally sold on that artwork, but two f***ing great songs here. Doormat Records

Tags: 10s post-punk USA yoobl