Fake Surfers: Cheap Meat 12" (new)

X! Records


Blazing through 10 tracks of stripped-down, breakneck punk in just under 18 minutes, Fake Surfers keep it direct and urgent on Cheap Meat -- their new 1-sided LP recorded by Derek Stanton (Awesome Color, Turn to Crime). Adam Hunter and Jake Kmiecik form the two-piece guitar/drums duo from Detroit who have a lot more in common with Bantam Rooster than the White Stripes.

Take the raw energy of Necros and Teen Idles/early Dischord and heave it into the meat grinder with the attitude of Cheater Slicks and Reatards lo-fi frustration and out will ricochet Fake Surfers, fully-formed and ready to spew their buzzsaw, snarling, rustbelt anxiety right there in your basement.

Our take: I know very little about Detroit's Fake Surfers, but man have they blown me away. A big part of my job at Sorry State is sifting through the hundreds of email solicitations we get every week from distributors, labels, and other people trying to get us to sell their wares. 90% of it is complete bullshit, and working my way through it is one of my most laborious and annoying duties. However, every once in a while you come across a gem like this. The label's description of Fake Surfers' one-sided 12" mentioned the Necros, and I can't think of a more apt comparison. This guitar-and-drums duo channel the style of the very earliest Necros material better than pretty much anyone I've ever heard. The riffs are absolutely perfect, as is the fuzzed-out guitar sound, the drums-way-up-front production, and the snarling vocals that I wouldn't be surprised to hear came from Barry Henssler's love child. Songs alternate between a very punk, Sex Drive-ish tempo and songs that are a little faster and more straightforwardly hardcore. Despite the fact that I've written the word "Necros" so many times in this description, Fake Surfers don't sound like a retread at all, and I seriously doubt they're trying specifically to emulate the Necros or even really be a hardcore band... they're just so mean and nasty that they've kind of achieved it by accident. The vibe here reminds me very much of the second Carbonas LP. It changed a lot of things in the hardcore scene at the time because it was the most perfect hardcore record that wasn't really presented (or, I'm willing to bet, conceived) as a hardcore record. This is similarly perfect, and I've already run this little one-sided 12" into the ground. If you like your hardcore punk with the word PUNK in all caps, I couldn't recommend this more highly. Get it!
Tags: 10s garage hardcore punk raw recommended