Failed Mutation: Demo 7"



Man, the way that record reviewers talk about the whole demo-put-to-vinyl phenomenon you'd think it was nearly as bad as ebola, but if it means you get EPs like this then I'm all for it... Failed Mutation hail from Wisconsin and feature Eric, the drummer for Tenement, on guitar, but this ain't no pop-punk record... this is some nasty yet catchy US hardcore in the vein of bands like Sin 34. I imagine that'll probably be a big reference for people because of the powerful lady on the microphone, but the music matches pretty well too... it's just fast, catchy US hardcore with killer songwriting and subtle but memorable hooks. This sound was probably overdone in the No Way heyday years, but honestly there aren't too many bands nowadays doing this kind of authentic early 80s US punk sound, and it's really jumping out of the speakers for me. Highly recommended if you're still getting down with this style.

Tags: 10s bfsale female-fronted hardcore punk