Facials: S/T 12"

Chaos Rurale Records


Debut 12" from this absolutely KILLER melodic punk band from Montreal. There's a cover of Burning Kitchen here (BTW, if you like Post Regiment and haven't heard that band, I'd suggest you get on the ball NOW), but Facials are definitely one of those bands that you can't sum up with just one or two influences. There's definitely a bunch of that powerful, melodic lady-fronted punk a la Post Regiment or Burning Kitchen, but the label's description also references anarcho-punk like Rubella Ballet and Lost Cherrees and I can hear that, and there's also some organ/synth in the mix that gives parts an early Stiff Records (Elvis Costello, Pointed Sticks, etc.)-type power pop vibe. I love this kind of loose, scrappy, genre-less stab at punk... cool artwork too. Strongly recommended. Chaos Rurale Records

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s bfsale Canada female-fronted melodic USHC