F - Burn The World... 12"

Punk Records


12" release of a barely-circulated, tape-only album by this 80s Florida HC band, whose 1983 You Are an EP 12" is the very definition of an underrated USHC rager. The 17 tracks that comprise this record were recorded in 1985. Apparently they were intended for release as an LP on Alternative Tentacles, but were only circulated as a cassette release (except for four of the tracks, which were farmed out to a few different comps and the Mess You Up EP on Mystic Records). You Are an EP is a total bulldozer, but these tracks are a little catchier and a little more classic punk-sounding. Perhaps the reference is in my head because the two bands toured together and shared a split, but Burn the World reminds me quite a lot of White Flag's great, underrated Third Strike album... in other words, it has a very California vibe, also recalling stuff like the Adolescents, Redd Kross, Circle One, China White, etc. While it's not as great as the greatest records from that scene, this is definitely a solid record (if a bit joke-y at times a la Adrenalin OD and stuff like that) that USHC completists will definitely want to hear.

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