Eyehategod: S/T 12"

Housecore Records


Well, Eyehategod have been around for a really long time... I remember seeing them when I was in college in the 90s and aside from maybe Grief I don't think I'd ever seen a band so slow and brutal in my life. Well, times have changed, folks... when I heard the first preview track that leaked from this album all I could think was "holy crap this sounds like Double Negative." I know that Eyehategod's singer Mike Williams is a big fan of Double Negative, but I had no idea that they would move in a more hardcore direction with this new stuff. When you combine the kind of slow, churning rhythms that EHG is known for with this kind of fast, noisy hardcore influence you end up with something that sounds very much like Animosity / Technocracy-era Corrosion of Conformity. Those are some of my favorite records ever, so you know I'm on board with this. There's still plenty of southern sludge in the band's sound so some people may not be able to get down with this, but if you have any interest I highly encourage you to check this out... an expected banger.

Tags: 10s doom metal hardcore metal recommended