Extinction AD: Faithkiller 12"

Good Fight Music


Rising out of the ashes of Long Island metalcore group This Is Hell, Extinction A.D. all but drops any hardcore subtext. This new iteration of the band is an all-out thrash metal monster, with glorious riffs, killer solos, and socially conscious lyrics aplenty. If you miss 80s thrash (which, you shouldn’t, since it never really died), then Extinction A.D. will fill that hole in your metallic heart and then some. For all of the negative things to be said here (later), Faithkiller is an appropriate album name for two reasons. First, it’s truly a killer album for fans of early thrash, serving as a reminder of why Metallica is so popular because it can’t be their later stuff… Second, Extinction A.D.’s debut instills faith that This Is Hell made the right decision to fully embrace their thrash roots. Despite being heavily familiar, Faithkiller never stops being a fun listen. - New Noise Magazine
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