Exhaust: Demo Cassette



Demo tape from this new band (mostly) out of Greensboro, North Carolina, which has, as of late, usurped Raleigh as the most vital city in our state's fertile punk scene. While the more heavily-touring (and consequently better-known) Greensboro bands like Bad Eric and Menthol betray some influence from the retro early 80s USHC scene as well as (for lack of a better term) the whole midwest slime punk thing, Exhaust are much more straightforwardly hardcore in their approach. In particular, they sound like a generation of bands that emerged in 2005 or so... these were bands that kind of crossed over between the whole No Way Records 80s USHC revival and the modern straight edge hardcore scene of bands like Down to Nothing, Blacklisted, and stuff like that... basically, bands that didn't have a full-on retro sound or image, but also played consistently fast and didn't really go in for the crowd-pleasing breakdowns typical of the whole Bridge 9 / Deathwish scene. Grave Mistake had a lock on this kind of style, putting out bands like Wasted Time and Set to Explode that had precisely the kind of crossover appeal that I'm talking about. Like I said, Exhaust also exist in that grey space where they have some fans who wear combat boots and some who wear sneakers, some with dangly earrings and some with full sleeve tattoos. As for me, I don't care how my hardcore dresses as long as it rips, and this demo is blistering.
Tags: 10s greensboro hardcore north carolina punk recommended ushc yoobl