Execute: S/T 7"

euro import


Extremely spot-on unofficial repro of the Execute's brilliant debut flexi. Of course I haven't heard an original copy (few have!), but I was honestly taken aback by how great these tracks sound. The first song, "A to Z," is one of the shining moments of 80s Japanese punk, and it just jumps out of the speakers on this pressing. And after that exhilarating moment is over you still have 8 more tracks of completely top-notch Japanese punk/hardcore to get through! Listening to this right now I'm tempted to say it's one of the best hardcore punk singles ever released... it has the wildness of all of the early Italian bands, the bulldozer quality of USHC, the weirdness of Rudimentary Peni, and is insanely catchy to boot. Highest possible recommendation.

Tags: 80s hardcore Japan punk raw recommended reissues weird