Evaporated Brain: demo cassette

Scavenger of Death Records


Demo cassette from this new Atlanta project helmed by Ryan Dinosaur of Bukkake Boys / GG King / recording most every band in Atlanta. What you get here is five songs of pure Celtic Frost worship through a punk filter... I don't know if it's on purpose or not, but the vocals sound almost eerily like Tom G Warrior, and while there's definitely some straightforward hardcore on here, as the label description notes these guys have mastered the art of the abrupt, face-peeling tempo change that made Hellhammer and Frost so great. The production is raw but not too raw, the songwriting is excellent... there's really nothing not to like here. I wonder if this will be completely lost on the world since it will probably be distributed solely through punk channels, because I think metalheads would seriously have their mind blown by this.

Tags: 10s hardcore metal raw