Etae: All Possibilities Will Come from There 12"

La Familia Records


It's weird when records you bought new start getting the reissue treatment, but I suppose when your hair and waistlines start looking like mine it's to be expect. It also rules when, on reissues like this one, they throw in a lot of killer bonus materials. Etae's two 7"s are records I know by heart... lots of bands say they sound like Death Side, but Etae are one of the few who actually did, though perhaps their guitar leads are even more over the top and Iron Maiden-esque than Chelsea's. In addition to those absolutely scorching EPs, this reissue adds in all of the band's compilation appearances, all of which are just as ripping. This is some essential Japanese hardcore right here... not to be missed. La Familia Records

Tags: 00s burning spirits d-beat japan reissues