Eskoria: Discografia 1986-1987 2x12"

Metadona Records


Discography double album from this 80s Spanish punk band, collecting two recordings, Castigo de Dios and Una Historia Que Contar, from 1986 and 1987, respectively. I'd never heard Eskoria before this release, but if, like me, you're way into old Spanish punk I guarantee that you will absolutely flip for this release. Eskoria definitely have the catchy, oi!-influenced sound of more well-known Spanish bands like Eskorbuto and RIP, but everything is just a little more raw and aggressive (particularly on the second recording), betraying the band were probably influenced by the more aggressive hardcore sound of bands like Anti-Dogmatikss. Really, these two LPs have everything you want from an 80s Spanish punk record... big hooks, super catchy bass lines, and raw and aggressive playing. If you're into newer bands from Los Monjo to Sudor you really need to hear this one. Top shelf packaging as well, including a gatefold jacket, printed inners with liner notes, and numerous photos and flyers. A really top-shelf reissue. Metadona Records

Tags: 80s reissues spain spanish-language