Enzyme: demo cassette

Brain Solvent Propaganda Records


Noise punk ala Confuse and Lebendon Toten played via ex Kromosom and Unknown to God members. This is a pro made cassette on purple tinted tapes and vile green J card. Limited to 300 and co released by Distracted by Reality.

Our take: Gai / Confuse-style noise-punk / hardcore from members of a bunch of other well-known bands. I have to say they pretty much it... this totally sounds pretty much just like Gai and Confuse, and if you stuck it on one of those bands' archival releases three quarters of the audience would probably never know the difference. This style was super fashionable ten years ago (ah, the Myspace crust days!), but aside from a couple of labels like Nightrider holding it down, it seems like the crust zeitgeist has moved more toward integrating black metal influences into your d-beat. As a result (and as a result of having pretty good songs and a strong recording), Enzyme hold my attention way more than they might have otherwise. I'm not sure if they really transcend the genre or anything, but if you like to keep your ear to the ground for good new bands in this style I would highly recommend checking this one out.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore noise-punk raw recommended tapesale