Enamel: demo cassette



Demo cassette from this new Philadelphia hardcore band.

Our take: Seven-song demo from this new Philly band, and as is the case with the new tape from their city-mates in The Brood, the presentation and the length of the material makes this feel more like a proper release than a demo. Like another new Philly band, S-21, Enamel have a powerful-sounding woman on the mic (in fact, the timbre of the two singers' voices is strikingly similar), but their approach is less tough-sounding, more complex and more composed. The riffs are quite complex and the songs are strikingly well-arranged, with lots of little ear candy for the music nerds out there. Something about the way the riffs hang around the skeleton provided by the drums reminds me a bit of the Partisans, but the complexity of the riffing also (and don't let this scare you away!) reminds me a little bit of Bad Religion's No Control album, but really just the riffing... the vocals, production, attitude, aesthetic and everything else couldn't be more different than that kind of big-time punk. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Enamel play some pretty darn blistering hardcore, but they play it with a lot more ambition and musicality than one typically hears on a hardcore demo. It sounds like this band is exploding with ideas and I can't wait to hear more of them. Top-notch packaging too, including pro-printed and duplicated tapes, rad artwork, and it's even shrink-wrapped for your protection!
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended reissues