Electrocutioner: The Blood of the Pig Must Flow on the Street 7" (new)

Make 'Em Sweat Records


Underground favorite out of LA. This is the bands 2nd tape originally released in 2014 now on vinyl. Remixed/remastered for a much better sound quality than the original tape. Recorded as a one man band but has since recruited members and plays live. Early 80s japan worship done perfectly. In the vein of Gasmask, Zouo, Mobs, GISM.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this LA-area band. The gutteral vocals mean this is going to garner a lot of comparisons to G.I.S.M. and Zouo (which I've already seen a lot of, even from the label), but 1. Electrocutioner doesn't really have any of the metallic qualities of those bands (i.e. no scorching lead guitar), and 2. I think that focusing on the vocals really sells this short, because the music here is a lot more interesting than the distinctive, yet ultimately one-dimensional vocals. My guess is that whoever composed this music has spent a lot of time with the ADK Records discography, as a lot of these songs are built upon riffs similar in style to bands like Aburadako, Kekeiji, and early Stalin. In other words, they have a certain primitive, Stooges-informed melodicism about them that ultimately makes the songs stick to your ribs a bit more than the standard metallic hardcore riff salad. So, basically what I'm saying is that the poseurs will like this because they think it sounds like G.I.S.M. (which it pretty much doesn't), while the true heads will nod in approval when they hear that one riff swiped from the Aburadako flexi. Choose your path, punker.
Tags: 10s d-beat exvl15 gb325 hardcore primitive punk raw yoobl