Eightball: S/T 7"

Warthog Speak Records


Seven-track debut EP of D-beat Hardcore Rock'n'Roll TRASH from Pacific Northwest cretins of distortion. The 7" features the three demo tracks plus four more unreleased ones from the same session. All killers. Sporting members of GAG, WHITE WARDS, COMBAT KNIFE, BRICKLAYER, LOWER SPECIES for those of you with a score card.

Our take: Debut release from this Pacific Northwest band featuring members of Gag, White Wards, and many others. That's quite a pedigree, and as you might expect there's nothing tentative or under-developed about Eightball. Sonically, this kind of reminds me of a more straightforward, traditional version of the Repos. Certainly if you're a Repos fan you'll immediately love the snarled vocals and the occasional, anarchic guitar leads, but whereas Repos / Ropes releases tend to feel frustratingly brief, this one crams 7 songs onto a 7" EP, making the vibe of the EP as a whole resemble something more like classic first-wave NYHC like the Mob's Upset the System or the Abused's Loud and Clear. It's sort of like a mini-full-length delivered as a 7" EP, and with a whole heaping helping of gnarly riffs, spot-on, beefy production, and an explosive performance no hardcore fan will leave a listening session with this disappointed.
Tags: 10s gb325 hardcore noisy recommended ushc