Eiefits: S/T 7"

Mangrove Records


Debut 7" from this new Tokyo band featuring members of a bunch of key bands like Forward, KGS, Lip Cream, and more. As expected, this some burly Burning Spirits-influenced hardcore, but with some weird touches that I think make it really stick out. The first is the lady vox, which can't help but remind one of the Comes... tough, but also kind of kawaii, if you know what I mean. Second, there are some brief breaks and transitions that are just straight up weird, reminding me of ORdER or even Colored Ricemen. However, those are fleeting moments, never enough to drag the songs into "weird punk" territory. Basically, at the end of the day this is one of the few recent Japanese records that'll really scratch that burning spirits itch that so many of us have.

Tags: burning spirits japan