Ego Summit: The Room Isn't Big Enough 12"

540 Records

$5.75 $11.50

Reissue of this sole LP by this late-90s Columbus, Ohio project / band. I admit that I know basically nothing about the members or this genre really, but it's easy to see why this LP has become semi-legendary in record collector / rock nerd circles. If you're a fan of Guided by Voices' early stuff (like the Propeller to Alien Lanes period) then you'll immediately flip for this, as it has the same ramshackle, home-recorded, DIY sensibility that made that period of that band so great, and songwriting that nearly as strong. If you're coming at this from more of a UKDIY, Television Personalities-type place you'll also love this as its similarly moody, poppy, and somehow at the same time both extremely baroque and extremely raw. Like virtually everything on 540, this is very highly recommended. 540 Records

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