Eel: The Mind Cure Years 12"

Mind Cure Records


After lots of mayhem and madness, limited edition records and cassettes here it is – all the records released by EEL on Mind Cure on one LP. These 15 tracks are collected from their Mind Cure single of the month, The Endless Fucker 12in and their side of the EEL/Pissbath split 7”.

Our take: Very convenient LP collection of this mighty Pittsburgh noise-punk band... it's nice to have this both for convenience's sake and because some of those early 7"s were pretty limited. Anyway, what is it that makes Eel so much better than your typical band of this style? I can't really point to anything in particular... they just have better songs and a more energetic, even explosive performance than pretty much any other noise-punk band outside of Japan that I can think of. If you don't have all of the singles this is pretty mandatory, and even if you do you might find yourself listening to this on the regular as it makes for a relatively cohesive (if not exactly uniform in terms of fidelity) release.
Tags: 10s hardcore noise-punk punk recommended reissues yoobl