EEL: Endless F**ker 12"

Mind Cure Records


Debut 12" from this Pittsburgh project that everyone seems to be freaking out about. I think their video really caught people's eye as it features lots of crazy costumes and sparks flying off of a grinder (apparently a staple of their live shows), but the music is pretty darn good too. The foundation is certainly broadly in the "noise punk" style a la the Swankys (there's definitely a few bubbly bass lines scattered throughout this record), but there's a lot more to it as well. I guess my main gripe with most "noise punk" bands is that the noise aspect of their sound isn't that interesting... typically it's just a guitar distorted to the point where it sounds like a dentist's drill, but Eel incorporate a bunch of samples and different kinds of distorted noise sounds. It's certainly as much straightforward (interesting) noise as it is "noise punk," and I think that the juxtaposition between those styles keeps either one from wearing thin. Definitely a strong LP and worth the hype it's been generating.

Tags: 10s hardcore noise punk noisy raw recommended