Dye: demo cassette

Todo Destruido Records


4 new songs and a few re-recorded songs off the demo. Limited to 100 copies/full color cover.

Our take: Second cassette from this band out of Austin, Texas. That city has had a fertile punk scene for quite some time now and Dye fit right in with now-established bands like Glue and Strutter, both in terms of their overall sound and in their consistent quality. Like both of those bands Dye play a kind of pogo-informed hardcore... the music is simple and tough, but most songs rely on a pretty simple 1-2-1-2 pogo beat that keeps the energy level high. Dye also have a great vocalist... snotty, sarcastic, yet tough-sounding in a way that, in some places, sounds really similar to Juan Carlos from Strutter. Seven songs and they're all rippers... here's hoping the next thing we hear from this band is on vinyl!
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended tapesale texas