Dva Minuta Mrznje: Dosao Je Kraj 7"

No Plan Records


4 songs recorded in 1984 and for the first time released in 1995 in an edition of 100 copies, which is why nowadays this original reaches prices of over a couple hundred euros. Musicwise, this is great Street Punk/Oi from ex-Yugoslavia recorded by the same producer that recorded Pankrti, Pekinska Patka, Prljavo Kazaliste, Niet, III Kategorija, etc. Four songs of the best Punk/Oi ex-Yugoslavia had to offer!

Our take: Killer 1984 recording from this ex-Yugoslavian band, and while the date on the recording is rather late in the game this has a lot more in common with UK bands from the late 70s, in particular bands like Cockney Rejects or maybe even the Professionals... bands that sort of flirted around with various combinations of oi!, pub rock, and power-pop. It's all upbeat, major-key stuff, and it just straight up rules... if you like catchy, well-written punk from the late 70s UK you'll flip for this. Despite the pretty raw recording quality, it has the ambitious, professional songwriting of the big bands of the era, but filtered through that unique eastern European sensibility. Top-shelf stuff here!
Tags: 80s europe oi! punk reissues yugoslavia