Dusteaters: Transhumanism cassette

Hip Kid Records

$2.98 $3.50

Sci-fi tinged, garagey, reverby punk from Japan. Features Joey from BOILERMAN, as well as members of WARKRIME, DEATH BY RAYGUN, and more.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new band featuring a couple of American ex-pats living in Japan, including members of Warkrime, Broken Prayer, Earth Girls, and many, many others. Dusteaters aren't nearly as hardcore as that pedigree would indicate, though; instead, they have more of a hardcore-informed post-punk sound. I'm reminded quite a lot of the early Total Control stuff in the catchiness and strength of the songwriting, as well as more recent purveyors of forward-thinking garage-punk like Spray Paint and Destruction Unit (though they aren't nearly so over-the-topic maximalist as DU). The spacey synth noises and sharp songwriting also recall the Spits, but Dusteaters aren't nearly as manic or as Ramones-influenced as them. Not sure if they'll ever make it out of Japan, but if you're a fan of the aforementioned bands definitely check this out.
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