Dry Heaves: Slim Pickings 12"

adult crash records


Debut LP from this UK band released on the Danish Adult Crash label. Adult Crash was one of my favorite labels of the mid-2000s, but I hadn't heard from them for some time. It's funny, the label is a name I associate with the glory days of the No Way Records scene, and Dry Heaves actually have a sound that fits with that pretty well. In a word, these guys sound a lot like Career Suicide. They're maybe slightly more tuneful and tight (they don't have the full-bore, slightly sloppy hardcore ragers that CS like to pack their earlier records with), but man, they have a way of hanging on a classic-sounding punk riff and dressing it up in mega-snotty vocals that makes this record sound almost like outtakes from Attempted Suicide. It's going to take me a listen or two to get over the uncanny resemblance to one of my favorite modern bands, but it's hard to argue with punk songs that are this spot-on, catchy and energetic.

Tags: hardcore punk UK USHC