Drudkh / Grift: Betrayed by the Sun / Hagringar 12" (new)

Season Of Mist


Limited Edition Vinyl-Only Split from Drudkh & Grift!

Drudkh continue with their ongoing series of split-EPs, this time with acclaimed Swedish one-man project Grift aka Erik Gärdefors. As he has done through the band's history to date, Drudkh mastermind Roman Sayenko looks to national poets for inspiration. Lyrical themes are built on the work of Bohdan-Ihor Antonych (1909-1937) in "His Twenty-Fourth Spring," while "Autumn in Sepia" features passages from Mike Johansen (1895-1937). Musically the split is in the classic Drudkh style, but with an emphasis on the rich detail in their signature melodies.

Grift also offers up a pair of impressional new tracks with "Kallan" and "Cirkeln." Gärdefors explains, "This time I have tried to develop Grift further towards a more tranquil expression, but still with an ominous sense of vulnerability and loneliness. Both songs were written during a rather dubious time for me, and I think that is quite clearly expressed in the lyrics. Sometimes we all fumble blindly and everything seems just like mirages that constantly stays out of reach."
Tags: 10s black metal metal