Droppings #2 zine + cassette

Scavenger of Death Records


Latest issue of this zine out of Atlanta, this time with a full 3/4 of the almighty Bukkake Boys comprising the writing staff. Again it comes with a cassette comp a bunch of rare Atlanta-centric tracks. This time around you get interviews with DiE, Herpes, Ken from Prank Records, Una Bestia Incontrolable, and Golden Pelicans. Droppings is a weird zine... on the one hand it feels very tossed-off, but on the other hand there are a lot of ideas and opinions expressed here that clearly took a great deal of thought and care. I guess that's the "Atlanta way..." being really good at what you do while giving off this vibe like you could not possibly care less... it's definitely the vibe I get from a lot of bands from that city. Anyway, this zine is interesting, funny, and well worth your time reading.

Tags: 10s punk zines