Dregs: demo cassette

Muscle Horse Records


On their seven-song debut, London’s DREGS plays urgent hardcore spearheaded by menacing vocals and a guitar-driven wall-of-noise that calls to mind the gnarliest international hardcore bands from NO THANKS to SEPTIC DEATH to OLHO SECO. Fast without ever hitting thrash speeds, yet still utterly raw and noisy as hell, DREGS plays thumping, indignant music with some of the scariest, most merciless vocals in contemporary hardcore. Ugly music for our ugly times. (Golnar Nikpour)

Our take: Demo cassette from this new London punk band featuring Bryony from Good Throb on vocals. Astute punkers will remember that Bryony actually sang in a band called Sceptres a few years ago, but Dregs are completely different. Decidedly more on the hardcore end of things, Dregs remind me a lot of contemporary New York punk like Dawn of Humans and Crazy Spirit in the instrumentation, but Bryony's surprisingly burly hardcore vocals make this sound a lot tougher than much of the Toxic State set. With seven songs of non-insubstantial length this actually listens more like a full EP or even a short 12" than a demo, but you won't hear me complaining... unfortunately we only have a few of these, so if you want one jump on it. I see big things for this band's future, as this demo is a full-on rager.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore mosh punk raw UK