Dr. Dre: The Chronic 2x12"

Death Row Records


A great hip-hop album relies on a balance of two components: lyrical skill and correctly-matched production. Often they can be found in conflict, undermining one another; but when an artist masters both techniques, the results can be incredibly rewarding. On his solo debut THE CHRONIC, Dr. Dre not only discovered this balance but took it to the next level, making gangsta funk a multi-platinum commodity and changing the face of rap forever. Dre (nee Andre Young) began his musical career with the World Class Wreckin` Cru, but came to prominence as one of the founding members of hip-hop`s first super-group, N.W.A. By the time of THE CHRONIC`s release, he had already returned to the limelight with a slammin` single, `Deep Cover,` on which he shared the stage with a previously unknown rapper named Snoop Doggy Dogg. It was Snoop`s idiosyncratic flow that lay behind Dre`s Funkadelicized G-Funk and powered THE CHRONIC. Dre is the West Coast`s king of hard-core production, but the content of lyrics such as `A Nigga Witta Gun` and `Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat` hit hard enough. Songs such as `Bitches Ain`t S**t` also showed that Dre and the rest of his crew could get away with many controversial opinions by simply adding a mean bass line and a hypnotic beat. Yet, `Nuthin` But A `G` Thing` and `Let Me Ride` both used the smooth G appeal to capture not just rap fans, but the pop audience as well. In fact, THE CHRONIC`s success demonstrated G-Funk`s mass appeal, and paved the way for hip-hop`s gangsta (r)evolution.
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