Down & Out #33



Latest issue of this hardcore zine out of Australia (Tasmania to be specific). This time around you get a kind of capsule history of Perth hardcore and punk as told through the editor's favorite records from that city as well as a number of detailed, extensive interviews with people from all over the globe, including Lumpy & the Dumpers and Deformity. It seems like D&O is one of the few zines still kicking from that golden age of Australian hardcore zines that happened a few years ago, and it still has that depth of thought that characterizes the best of those zines. The editor (I can't seem to find his name anywhere in here) is self-reflective almost to the point of obsession, but it makes for an interesting read, particularly when he's discussing certain "controversial" topics like RAC music or women in hardcore bands. He doesn't always draw the lines at the same place I would draw them (I certainly wouldn't write a lengthy, mostly-positive review of a white power band like he does here, nor do I have the kind of skeptical attitude toward women in hardcore that he expresses in his In School review (though, to be fair, he acknowledges that In School rip irrespective of the band members' genders)), but reading about how he consciously wrestles with his own prejudices and political commitments is actually pretty fascinating. So, this isn't going to be for everyone, especially if you don't like to read things that might push your own political buttons and make you think hard about what you believe and why, but I think D&O continues to be one of the best zines in the world right now.

Tags: australia/nz hardcore zines