Down and Out #26 zine



Latest issue of this downright amazing Australian zine. This issue focuses, as the intro states, on "ugly, dirty, blown-out hardcore" and features interviews with Need, School Shootings, Herpes, Fumes, Salvation, and Goosebumps, along with a ton of other writing on related and similar zines, records, etc. With 46 full-size pages this will sustain you through quite a few bathroom visits, but more important than the quantity is the quality. Sam is one of those people who can write about hardcore in a way that perfectly suits the music... unlike people like me (and the vast majority of, say, MRR reviewers for instance) who listen to things once and hastily type up a description, you can tell that Sam really listens to thinks closely, lets them percolate, and appreciates the overall experience of listening to the music. With the aforementioned style of hardcore, this is often an uncomfortable and violent experience, and that definitely comes through. Still, this isn't abstract poetry, they're record reviews and band interviews, but done with thought, care, and attention to detail that are incredibly rare. As for as zines go, this is without a doubt one of the best ones going.