Dog Soldier: Mother Fucker 7"

Distort Reality Records


Portland ultra punk. Four tracks.

Our take: I must admit that I only faintly remember the name Dog Soldier from Hardcore Holocaust catalog updates long since passed, but this little four-songer has me itching to try and dig up copies of those records. This thing absolutely smokes! It was recorded way back in 2008, and I'm not sure why it took so long to hit wax, but I'm definitely glad it did. Listening to this I'm really blown away by how multi-dimensional these songs sound. Maybe 2008 was before bands started basing their entire styles around one record or maybe it wasn't, but Mother Fucker seems like an almost gleeful mish-mash of influences, from straight d-beat raw punk to the more metallic riffing of Broken Bones to more traditional USHC-style riffs to Totalitär's Swedish hardcore and even a little dab of "The More I See"-style high-pitched vocalizing. The recording is beefy and totally in the red, the artwork is fucking cool... this is a 100% winner if you ask me. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s crust d-beat gb325 hardcore portland raw