Dobri Isak: Mi Plačemo Iza Tamnih Naočara 12" (new)

PMK Records


In late 1983, Predrag Cvetičanin (guitar, vocals) with Zoran Đorđević (guitar), Branko (bass guitar), and Boban (drums) formed the band Dobri Isak (Kind Isaak). After the home made demo recording and short pause, Cvetičanin, with bassist Miloš Miladinović, and drummer Saša Marković "Markiz" reformed the band, whom in the period of 1984-1985 will join Nenad Cvetičanin, Predrag's brother, from the band Arnold Layne. They recorded their first and only album "Mi plačemo iza tamnih naočara" (We Cry Behind Dark Glasses), released in 1986 by the Niš Student Cultural Center (SKC), being the first release of the Studentkult production. The album, released on compact cassette only and printed in a limited number of 100 copies, had been distributed by the Ljubljana ŠKUC, and rapidly sold out.

Our take: Ne Records reissues more rare Yugoslavian punk, and this time it's the first-ever vinyl issue for Ljubljana's Dobri Isak, which was previously only issued as 100 cassettes way back in 1986. While that date is rather late, this sounds more like it could have come from the UK in 1978 or 1980. In other words, it's very, very post-punk, betraying the clear influence of Joy Division in both the baritone vocals and the minimal, bass-led arrangements. I kind of wonder if the band were also familiar with the Smiths... the combination of a muscular rhythm section, a rather delicate melodic sensibility, and an occasionally effeminate, fey vocalist sometimes reminds me of the less peppy moments on the Smiths' first LP. It's total minimalist bummer music, so make this obscurity the soundtrack to your next rainy day pity party.
Tags: 80s europe melodic post-punk punk recommended reissues yugoslavia