Distortion Faith #1 zine



Debut issue of this promising international punk fanzine published out of Sweden. Bjí_rn from SMRT Records is one of the masterminds behind this zine, and if you follow that label at all you'll see his stamp all over this, mostly in its coverage of obscure, underrated, and "yet to be hyped" international punk bands, mostly of the noisy / Discharge-inspired variety. This time around you get interviews with Sex Dwarf, Acute, Effluxus, Nerv, De:Nihil records, Hardcore Survives Records, and a few newer Swedish bands. The cover is full-color and the entire zine is pro-printed... this is definitely something different than the typical cut and paste / retro style of most current music zines, and I for one am quite happy to see someone using more sophisticated technology and printing techniques to make something that still looks and reads punk as f***. Excellent debut, looking forward to more!