Dissekerad: Mörkret Tilltar 12" (new)

Phobia Records

$10.00 $14.00

2nd album from this all-star band is out now on Phobia Records. What do you expect from line up which is full old dogs from bands like Avskum, Totalitär, Makabert Fynd, Krigshot, Napalm AD, Kakafoni, Institution and Krig I Hudik? Raw and full of energy d-takt / punk like old Totalitär / Discharge! Dissekerad!

Our take: Second album from this Swedish supergroup featuring members of Totalitär, Avskum, Institution, and many, many more. If you like the aforementioned bands it's pretty much dollars to donuts that you'll like this as well. Dissekerad have the pared-down aesthetic of mid-period Totalitär pretty much down pat... meaty riffs, the occasional slightly discordant solo, and raspy yet still slightly catchy vocals... I'd say that these guys were ripping a page straight from the textbook, but they're the ones who wrote the textbook in the first place, so you can't really fault them there. While it doesn't smack you in the face with originality or intensity like some of the gnarlier d-beat out there, this is right in the pocket and every single song is a winner, so if you can't get enough of that classic Totalitär sound you're definitely going to want this.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore punk raw recommended scandinavia sweden