Disguise: Signs of the Future 12"

Static Shock Records


Dublin, like New York or London, is a city whose punk in 2015 matches its vibrancy with its refusal to be defined by one sound. Multiple bands, all with wildly divergent takes on 2015 punk, all unified in their DIY ethic and refusal to compromise. The first 12" from searing rawpunx Disguise (who also feature 2/3 of Zom and members of Strong Boys) continues where their System Shock 7" left off, slamming together the lithe turmoil of Gloom, the monstrous purpose of Bastard, the ugly burn of Crude SS into a violent driving gunk, like Florida's Mauser or Australia's Kromosom, taking that Scandi-Japanese rawpunk axis and stretching it out to their own corner of the globe.

Our take: Debut 12" from this band out of Ireland... which is kind of interesting enough in and of itself, since when was the last time you heard of a great heavy hardcore band from Ireland? The last one I can think of is the highly underrated Crowd Control. Anyway, even beyond the curiosity of their locale, Disguise totally rip. I'm particularly in love with their extremely processed guitar sound, which recalls the claustrophobic tone of bands like Zouo and later GISM. Aside from a particularly strong guitar tone there isn't anything about this record that redefines the d-beat genre or anything, but the rhythms are super-fast and catchy and every moment is just exploding with energy... Disguise are definitely one of those d-beat bands with more than a little bit of straight up hardcore energy in their sound. Definitely up there with the most engaging d-beat I've heard lately.
Tags: 10s D-beat Europe hardcore ireland punk raw