Die Eule Im Bart Des Judas: S/T 7"

Spastic Fantastic Records

$3.25 $6.50

Debut 7" from this new German band that has members of Napoleon Dynamite, who released a highly underrated 7" a while back. I hope they've ditched that name for good, as I don't know what Die Eule Im Bart Des Judas means, but it's a f*** of a lot better of a name than Napoleon Dynamite. The sound has changed here somewhat, though, augmenting the band's jagged hardcore with some sputters and spurts of synth that dances around the main riffs in really interesting ways. I'm really hard-pressed for band comparisons, but these guys combine the nervous energy of Nervous Gender and the Screamers with a more intense HC sensibility. A really great 7"... if you dig the more intense Total Control stuff you'll flip for this. Spastic Fantastic Records

Tags: 10s Europe USHC