Dicks: Kill from the Heart 12"

Alternative Tentacles Records


FINALLY! This punk classic gets a gorgeous official reissue from Alternative Tentacles! One of the most sought-after releases on the mighty SST Records, Kill from the Heart regularly trades for $100+ in collector's circles, but there's no need to drop that coin now that AT have reissued this bad boy with a killer mastering job and nearly exact repro of the original artwork. As for the music, it's a timeless punk classic... the Dicks were a little more straightforward than other Texas bands like the Big Boys and MDC, but their sharply-honed attack of blues-infused punk remains some of the most powerful tunes the early 80s HC scene ever spat out. After numerous bootlegs of varying quality, I couldn't be more stoked to own this official reissue. MANDATORY! Alternative Tentacles Records

Tags: 80s reissues USA